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Atomic Zoom

After I realized that I was having an awaking I thought to myself, oh my, am I going to be that person with no personality always answering a question with another question, the answer, NO. Hollywood has put in all our heads that an awakened being is this person who has moved past all emotion and egoistical ideas. This is true and it is not true. The ego is still present the difference is I see it and have allied with it. On my spiritual journey almost every teacher I have come across has always said the ego plays tricks on you, the ego is bad, it’s here to give you conflict. This is all true but only when you do not embrace it. Look past yourself deep down into yourself, down on an atomic level. You are the center of the universe and the ego is just another part of you. Once you reach this place you can see all parts of you and how they make you into what you are. Enjoy the meditation!

Atomic Meditation

  1. Take a few deep breaths
  2. Feel all the cells in your skin wake up
  3. Focuses on your breathing every time you breathe in imagine your skin expanding
  4. Every time you breath out it contracts
  5. Do this for a few breaths and when you are ready move on
  6. Go deeper now focus past your skin and on to your bones
  7. On every inhale expand your bones, and every inhale contact them
  8. Do this for however long you like
  9. We are going to go further now imagine a cell in your body and with every inhale it expands and every exhale it contracts
  10. Going in deeper now moving in smaller we zoom down until we only see an atom. You can see the protons and neutrons inside the atom and the electrons rotating around it and breath, on every exhale it contract and every inhale it expands
  11. When you are ready start to zoom in further, the images or thoughts that come to you in this part are all yours and what you conclude to be based on the simple accept of your existence on an atomic level.

Every person that does this mediation will experience something different. Each of us has our own path and looking elsewhere and not within is how we lose our way. Remember this when you feel lost and so this mediation can help you find your way again.

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