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As you take look your life not just the one you are living now you realize to truly connect with God you  need to forgive all those that have hurt you in this life especially but it doesn’t hurt to go back a few life’s too and heal those as well. Often times the people that hurt us in life have done it before in another or vice versa.

Immacuée Ilibagiza wrote a non-fiction book called “Left to Tell” with Steve Erwin. It’s about how she discovered God while the Rwandan holocaust. In this book she explains how to truly connect with God she had to lets go of all her hate for Hutus that where raping, torturing, and massacring everyone she knew and love. This true story is truly a testament of how anyone can let go of hate and opening there heart to God’s infinite love.   In her book “Left to Tell” she explains how she connects to God while living inside a bathroom for 3 months with 8 other women. While living inside the bathroom she prayed all day and every day to God but was getting nowhere. She realized that here hate for the Hutu was blocking her prayers to get to God. But how could anyone forgive something so horrific. There were babies being left to die in the street. Whole families were being killed. It was a complete genocide of all the people she loved. Who could forgive that, so she asked God how can I forgive them for what they have done? God said to her “You are all my children” She realized that the killers were behaving like children, yes their actions where barbaric but they were still children. Their actions were being blindly taken and they had separated themselves from God’s Love. They let the darkness consume their well being and judgment of their fellow people. But in all this, in all of what they had done, they were still children, God’s children. She started to look at the killers from this perspective to help here forgive them. It is easier to forgive children no matter how terrible their actions are. Once she realized the Hutu’s as God’s children she could forgive them. After that her voice to God was clear and she embraced the Lords benevolent love within her heart.

If Immacuée could forgive the Hutu’s for horrendous crimes against humanity then there is no reason why you cannot forgive the people that have hurt you too. Forgiving does not mean forgetting all you are doing is simply releasing the pain that you have been holding on too. This pain or hatred you keep inside is what is blocking your voice to God and also blocking God’s voice from you. The thing Immacuée went through to service are incredible, and she opened her heart to God is amazing. I won’t say any more how incredible this book is you will have to read it for yourself. The next time you get angry at someone for heart look to this instance and know that if Immacuée could forgive the Hutu why can I not forgive what has been done to me and remember the person(s) that hurt are God’s Children just like you.

Place of Abundance

Once you find God all your needs are full filled. This saying is true on all levels. Your fear melts away and is replaced with love. As Immacuée said in previous paragraph “We are all God’s Children”  Even you and I can act like children. The ego is like a child and when you see yourself behaving like one you see your ego. And from that awareness alone you have raised yourself to a higher consciousness.  Once you see your ego ask God for help, pray for guidance to see you’re why you have fear as God will replace it with love. Love is the key that opens the doors to unlimited power in our universe. Fill your mind and heart with love and there is nothing standing in your way, it has all melted away along with your fear.  Say this to yourself when you have conflict inside you (Take a deep breath in and out) “I let go of fear, I let in love” say it as many times as you need to until you feel more confident in yourself.

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