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Giving Gratitude Meditation

thanksgivingOn every fourth Thursday in November we celebrate a holiday that is most humble. We share a feast with our friends and loved ones. Thanksgiving was officially declared an American holiday in 1883, well before all of us were born. On this fourth Thursday I want you to ask yourself: are you truly giving thanks for the things you have received the previous year?

You might be telling yourself that before we eat, we all say grace on thanksgiving day together, but as you say grace do you truly feel that you are connecting to the divine and showing appreciation for what you have already received and opening your arms to what you might receive in the next year? I don’t think you can do that in 5 or 10 minutes surrounded by hungry loved ones that are waiting on you to finish your prayer so they can eat.

The prayer/meditation below I came up with so that we might give proper thanks to our divine for the help and guidance we have received and open our hearts and minds to be grateful for the things will received in coming year.

Giving Gratitude Meditation

Find a quiet place where you will not be bothered for at least 20 minutes. Take a least 3 breaths, on the exhale blow out any worries or stress you might be harboring. Take your right hand touch your heart focus on the feeling of love flowing from your chest. When you feel your heart open think of a happy thought or memory of a place, it does not have to be real. I usually think of a meadow just next to an open sea with mountains in the background. Stay in this place for as long a you like before you give grace.

Now that you are in a higher state of consciousness. When you are ready. Say out loud in your mind’s eye. That is in the center of your temple just above your eyebrows. Think of speaking the words through this area. Say “Thank you God for sharing your divine love. Thank you angels for connecting me to God in a most loving way. I open my mind and my heart to the loving divine that emits in all things.”

This part is where you give your list of all the things that have happened to you that you are grateful for.


  • I am grateful for my children’s happiness
  • I am grateful for my health
  • I am grateful for having enough money to pay bills and share with my family

This can go on as long as you like and be as personal as you like. You can never have to many gratefulness listed.

When you have finished listing all the things you are grateful for the past year, It’s time now to open your arms and receive everything you deserve in abundance the year to come. Take a moment to get your self back in the happy place you remember or have created. Take a deep breath and on the exhale you are going to think about the past year and blowing it out. Next your going to focus on the new year and say ” I open my heart and my mind to God’s divine love. I open my arms to receive divine abundance coming to to me in the coming year. I deserve this abundance and I am grateful for the angels and god’s grace to shine on me”.

In the place that you are in, see a bright white and yellow light shine brighter and brighter so bright that it is hard to look directly into it. Open your arms to this light and feel the loving warms of the rays all over your body. Stay in the light for as long as you like. Give thanks to God and your angels for all they have blessed you with and return back when you are ready.

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