Leia Vieira

Self Published Author and Intuitive Healer.


Giving away your powers

Be mindful to not give your powers away to others (“power” meaning idea of what you want to be).
When we meet or see people that we want to be. Say for example: someone who travels a lot and you have always loved to travel. You might want to be around that person more because you are thinking to yourself you like to travel and they do travel so why not hang out with them. But you are not traveling, you are merely hanging out with someone that does. It is in your life purpose to travel not to hang out with someone that does. Trust in your feelings, telling you about where you are going in your life. By you not traveling and living through this other person’s life, you are giving your powers to them (a piece of yourself). This is much easier to do than you might think, and it is because we are in fear of facing our life purpose.


How do you get your powers back? Take the steps towards what you are passionate about. Having intuition is not just about hearing and seeing angels. It is about being still and getting your guidance from inside yourself. What Does (your name) want in life? What is going to make (your name) happy? (Your name) wants to change what? What is my first step? That is your starting point , this is where you to take back your power.  You do not have to live your life through someone else’s life and dreams.


Affirmation to get your powers back


My Intention is to return all of my powers that are for my highest good, that I have knowingly and unknowingly given away, from all directions of time, space, and dimension now with God’s  divine love. I cut all cords connecting me to them and from them to me with Archangel Michael’s violet flaming sword. Thank you

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