Leia Vieira

Self Published Author and Intuitive Healer.


Our Thoughts And Words Can Heal Us

We have these pockets of negative emotions that are left over by other people everywhere that need to heal. These dirty places or areas are unnoticed by most, but for those of us who have more emphatic abilities it can be overwhelming at times. Every now and again in my life I would get these flashes while awake of really bad images randomly here and there while driving or just shopping somewhere. I never told anyone from fear of thinking there was something wrong with me. I knew they weren’t from me they could not be. I told a spiritual healer one day about my flashes thinking there was something wrong with me and that I needed help. This is also when I found out that I was an empath. She said I was like a radio antenna picking up all kinds of stations where ever I went, and that these dark flashes were me just picking up a negative channel. Boy was I relieved and now when I get them I heal the image with Archangel Raphael’s help. And I know after expecting what was happening that what I had wasn’t a punishment to torment me but a gift to help heal those who could not. This is truly part of who I am and I may server to heal others. Look at your life and shift your negative thoughts that may or may not be your own to a healing instead of hiding in fear. After doing this your life become happier and the obstacles that you face form time to time will become silly little bumps that are easily overtired.

Negative Words

Negative words spread like a virus passing from host to the next and so on. It works like this someone reads and article that focus on a negative topic like cancer and what some studies show can cause it. You read the article and are afraid this might happen to you so you stop eating those foods solely basted on this one article. Months go by and you still will not eat these foods based on an idea that put fear in you. After time, this fear can manifest into the one thing you have been trying to prevent from happening. You unknowingly can make yourself sick with just the thought of holding on to a negative concept. This is just as powerful as eating the food that the study subjected you not too. It is impossible to avoid negative words, every one has their own opinion and it can be overwhelming to choice what works best for you. The best approach with negative words is facing it head on. Acknowledge the negative and question it don’t merely except it no matter who it is or how enlightened they claim to be. Think about this if they were such a spiritual guided person then there approach of teaching you would have no negative concept to it. They would leave matters up to you for it is your quest and understanding of life that you must figure out not theirs.

To shield yourself from the negative virus simply think about the topic at hand focus your love onto it. Go inside yourself and ask God to show you the way. There are several prayers to help you see love and intern will help you find the truth that you seek. For this particular healing of negative threats to our own free will. I like to use the Muslim pray from -The Prophet’s Prayer,

“O God, Illuminate our hearts with light,

Our eyes with light and our ears with light;

And let there be light on our right and light on our left.

Let there be light about us and light below us;

Let there be light in front of us and light behind us.

O God, make us a light.”

Now think about the negative topic or words you herd, I bet you have a more clear understanding of what is the truth and what approach or action is best for you to take.

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