Leia Vieira

Self Published Author and Intuitive Healer.


Rising To Any Occasion

We all need a lift in life from time to time and raising your arms for heaven’s help is very simple way to attain a higher state of consciousness. So often we let doubt and fear rain over our judgment. To except help from heaven we must first let go of our fear that are holding us back. Why would I hold on to something that holds me back, you ask? That is a question that only you can answer. Each of us have a different answer and when we look inside ourselves without fear the answer is clear. The answer is sometimes you taking a risk or change in your selves that you are scared to address. With every New Year we approach a different lesson that can either move us forward or leave us standing still. It is up to you to know when it time to move, just like in a game of chest. This exercise is great to use to experience the awe of heaven and the love it emanates throughout the universe. Even if you don’t believe in heaven this exercise will still work for you. The power lies in your imagination and how you choose to raise your consciousness. You can call this place: Heaven; clouds; Nirvana; Valhalla; Olympus; Jannah or call it nothing, imaging it is a place that you are raising to a better place filled with love.


We can get help from above in all kinds of ways Heaven has been waiting for you to ask them for help. In God giving us the gift of free will we cannot receive help unless we ask for it. There for if we require help we must first ask for it before it can be giving to us. This is also why praying is very important as those famous word from the bible “ask and it is received”. This applies to all faiths or none faiths. God is open to helping all people.


Visualization Exercise


  • Sit somewhere quiet take three deep breaths on the exhales thing about release all the stress you may be harboring.
  • Imagine a gold and white circle above you; its rays reflect all the color of the rainbow off the clouds below.
  • You see a hand (angel; friend; relative) come out of the cloud and take yours, the hand gentle but firm takes your hand and lifts up towards the white circle.
  • As you ascend into the white circle you will feel a release of old or dirty energy stay behind and leave your body. This is the fear energy leaving your body. This energy has held you back in life and now that you have raised yourself to a higher state the choices you make will be clearer and you will be able to move ahead instead of standing still in life.

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