Leia Vieira

Self Published Author and Intuitive Healer.


Stepping Into The Sea Of Abundance

In John Randolph Price’s book “The Abundance Book” he wrote: “The whole Universe is standing on tip-toes watching you-praying that you will let go of the negative appearances of the world of illusion and claim your divine heritage.” These words are so powerful and simple. Why is it so hard for us to take that step? FEAR. It’s so much easier to ignore our callings. Each of us have been put here for a very specific purpose. The question is when do we want to get rid of the illusions set before us.

In this meditation we take an inner journey, and you may feel alone. YOU ARE NOT!! You are never alone, the angles are always with us. When ever I feel scared, I always call upon Archangel Michael. He has always been there for me and he is never to busy for you. You can call upon other angels to help in other areas in need as well; courage, guidance and inspiration, just to name a few. If you don’t know which one to call upon, you can always say: “ Angels, for my highest good”, two things will happen: you will allow other angels that you might not know about help you, and you know that the angels who are helping always has you in mind to the fullest.

Sea of Abundance Meditation

In this meditation we are going to learn how to open up and face ourselves and invite the abundance that we deserve. Find a place quiet. You can also do this before you go to bed.

  • Take 3 deep breaths, on the exhale, blow out all worries you have
  • Imagine an endless sea in-front of you the Sun rising in the far distance
  • Look down to see your feet firmly planted in the sand
  • Before you take the first step, think about an Angel that you want to take with you:
    • Archangel Michael/ other archangels and angels
    • Ascended masters
    • Saints
    • Guides
    • People we love who have crossed over
  • Picture that person standing next you, it can be more than one
  • Say “thank you for joining me (their name/es) please walk with me and protect me as I go forth into the see of abundance
  • Look forward and take the step into into the sea. If you feel scared hold the hand of your angel. Go as far as you are comfortable
  • Each time you do this meditation take another step further until you can not touch the bottom. Once you get there image yourself floating on your back looking up at the sky with open arms to all that you deserve
  • When you have returned, thank everyone you called for help

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